Saturday, July 3, 2010

Factors That Drive the Forex Market

There are several factors that affect the forex market. One of the things you'll need to learn in the trade is to understand those factors that cause currency rates to fluctuate each day, and how to respond to them. Economic, political, social and natural factors that occur in a given country or region can either have a negative or positive effect on forex trade. Therefore, it is always important to keep abreast with such indicators. Normally, these indicators are released through forex authorities, financial institutions, government organs and private organizations.

Broadly, the factors can be studied as fundamental or technical analysis. Fundamental analysis looks at those factors at an outer scope while Technical analysis looks at a more internal range within the forex market. One of your duty as a trader is to analyze such factors and come up with a course of action whenever they arise. Information on forex indicators can be obtained from annual economic reports which are usually published by the government as a measure of country's economic growth, policies as well as major events. They can also be provided by financial institutions, forex authority or through your broker.

Among the commonly used indicators in forex markets is the GDP (Gross Product Domestic), which is the total market value of goods and services produced by workers and capital within a country during a given period of time. Others include country's exchange rate, level of unemployment and political stability. The exchange rate of a given country is the ratio of the value of goods and services that the country has imported, against the one that it has exported. Exchange rate is more swift, and so, it has a very dynamic effect on the day-to-day trend of forex trade rather than long-term.

Among industrial countries, Industrial reports acts as reliable indicators of economic movement in the forex exchange. The report shows variations in the production of goods in factories and other production utilities. It is considered healthy in forex market for the country when it is producing more than it is importing or consuming as the interest rate and the exchange rates will be ideal.

Another key factor that acts as an indicator of forex market performance is CPI (Consumer price Index). Consumer price Index is the average value of goods and services used by a common consumer. CPI takes into account more than 200 categories of items to indicate level of inflation. The report is normally of much importance not only among forex traders but also among the policy makers as reflects on the long-term economic growth trend in a country.

There are many other factors that affect forex trade. Although these indicators tend to relate to each other, the degree of impact on your trade may vary; and so, it is important to understand how each force works, and how to respond to each case. This will go along way in avoiding making huge loses and rather take profitable opportunities to grow your business.

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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Factors Affecting Trends in The Forex Market

The big-daddy of all markets is the foreign exchange or forex market. And since more people are investing in it, forex market is growing at a fast pace. This market can make millionaires in seconds but it is also the most volatile market to trade in. The dynamism of this market is huge and even small news can create large ripples.

If you plan to jump in the forex arena, then you should know about the factors which affect the trends of forex market. Currency movements can be very fast and you need to know all the factors to accurately predict the right direction of the trend. This helps you make the right move at the right time. Forex trends can be influenced by three prime factors. These are mentioned as follows:

Economic Factors
Economic situation of a country can heavily influence the trends in the currency market. Economic terms like budget, foreign policy, debt etc can trigger a mass reaction which can directly affect the forex market. The economic data is released everyday and its instant reaction can be seen on the currency market.

Key economic indicators such as gross domestic product (GDP), interest rates, unemployment rate, and consumer price index help project the overall economic health of the state. This can mould the attitude of the trader. If the data is positive, naturally, the trader will invest with high spirits.

Political Factors
Politics is directly related to economy because they are the policy makers. An unstable political sector can trigger negative reactions in the market. The time of election is considered to be the most troublesome for forex markets. Quick movements are observed during elections. Even local political events may lead to change in investor's attitude. Political factors surely have a deep impact on the currency market.

Psychological Factors
This is what drives the whole market and the investors. The speculation done by the investors is what keeps the market dynamic. Currency fluctuations depend on whether the trader wants to invest or not. If more people want to invest in the market, it will definitely result in high liquidity.

For instance, if an event has created turmoil in the region, then it is natural for the investors to invest somewhere else. They will definitely play the safe bet. It is usually, seen that when a country's economy looks promising, then large number of investors converge on the market to trade and thus country's currency becomes stronger.

Besides these, there are many other factors which affect the currency markets. People also tend to follow a long term trend and invest accordingly. They compare economic data over a period of time and then make their move. The foreign exchange market is highly volatile and unpredictable. If you wish to be a forex trader, then do devote time to learn the best strategies and tools required to successfully execute trades.

Be up to date with various current economic trends, both locally and internationally. An event anywhere in the world can affect the currency market. In order to reap benefits from this volatile yet lucrative market, you need to thoroughly understand the factors affecting the forex market.

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