Sunday, November 2, 2008

4 Reasons Why People Lose Money on Forex Market

Forex market in recent years show the appalling statistics. has many of the new approach in the field of the forex market to lose money in this market. Because they are discouraged to pursue careers in these fields and said field Forex market is a tyrant. Why does this happen? Why are many of them failed? From the observations made some mistakes out there by those who have just entered in the Forex Market from.
Not really understand the Forex market - most of their new venture into the Forex market is the view that this area is never easy. Moreover, it is only one currency against another, is not it? Sounds simple, but they do not. That's because they do not get the correct picture about the Forex market. Forex market is one of the most difficult market, the fastest, most volatile and violent in the world. Why do they need to invest time and money to really learn and understand the workings of the market. Start with a good book Forex Market.
Just expect the signal from the tip and friends - many who take the risks, with the only hope of help and advice from friends. they should understand and know the forex market, not just hope for tips that prove to be not necessarily correct and accurate. This act is something very wrong. This act is like a gamble and no transactions seen.
Subject to the emotion and greed - Buy and sell when high price was low price, that's the rules of the market. The reason is that people panic when they see their investments go in the wrong direction. In fact, they are making the right decisions can lead to its loss. Effort to keep yourself from your emotions and let logic make your decisions for you.
Pay too much - people do not shop around for bargains and brokerage trading platform and eventually pay huge fees for each signal and action. Shop around and negotiate all costs. Do not be stupid and waste of money fees.
If these four errors, do stop now and start to avoid the appropriate steps to bring in the Forex market.
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