Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Can You Really Make Money Day Trading Forex Markets?

What if I was to tell you that day trading forex could potentially be the most dangerous and unprofitable activity for you and your portfolio. Honestly, there are better ways to trade forex than day trading, and easier ways to trade with much higher odds, but first let me explain these wild claims... 

Not only am I about to share with you the truth about forex day trading, I believe I will change your expectations and move your thinking towards trading higher timeframes with the aim of taking advantage of slightly longer term moves over several days of trading activity.  

Let me begin by asking you how many successful day traders you actually know or have ever met? Do you really believe beyond doubt and with complete evidence that you can point out a day trader who makes serious money consistently in the forex market? If you know of one, then I am happy for you go and learn from that trader, however if you are yet to meet a genuine day trader in the flesh, or if you're struggling to find a genuine strategy to day trade forex, it's likely because day trading is the rarest and most difficult form of speculative short term trading. In fact, the term "day trading" was invented in the hype of the 1980's bull market mania and has survived the modern tech boom and commodities booms into was has become a sustained euphoria of lies regarding glamorous trading lifestyles and quick easy money. This giant industry wide hype continues to pass through each generation of novice and aspiring traders, making it now a widely accepted false reality for many financial market educators and retail traders.  

So heres where I give you a big reality check, the one you needed.  
Facts prove, almost 99% of day traders lose money using a common day trading strategy and the brokers promote it as this is where they make the serious money. They basically rely on market addicts and losers to make money from high frequency day traders, ever heard the word bucket shop? This pertains to firms that offer leveraged trading with small deposits, these firms don't even hedge your trades in the real market, they simply take the other side of your trade, and most often they win because you're stuck in the cycle of losers playing around as a 'wanna-be' day trader, go figure...  

Day trading forex has a low win rate and low strike rate  
Let me share with you something very important. Shorter timeframes allow for a high margin of error and require a high win rate and low risk reward, this makes the task of day trading extremely emotional, stressful and almost impossible. The reason is simply this; high volatility on small timeframes makes it easy to be stopped out of trades. It's ironic isn't it?, because day trading requires a high win rate since the risk reward available is so low. Remember, the lower the potential risk reward, the higher the win rate must be. This entire concept alone creates a casino situation which creates a genuine "houses edge", where the house being the broker, and the trader being the gambler.  

Intraday forex trading computers work against humans in this tightly controlled yet massive market. It's a market with huge players, banks and large companies who you play against every day, so what makes you think you can truly ever beat them, after all they own the market, not us small retail traders.  

Why day trading is most likely going to cause you financial ruin.  
I come back to my statement on trading short time frames intraday.  
The shorter the time variable the more random chance there is in the event, the more volatile it is, the harder it is to predict. That's why I have moved my trading on to larger timeframes as they offer a more predictable and more cumbersome slower moving market signal to work with,.  
Moving to higher time frames with your forex trading is the key to profits
As a 8 year veteran of the currency markets, if you choose to take my word for it, I will share with you something important, but pay attention.  

Ever thought that these bucket shop brokers make the industry this way to earn brokerage on the pip spreads?, Maybe they need you to lose to make money from your losses?, or maybe the majority of this crooked industry is just simply out of their mind and have no idea?, that's the more likely answer. I rarely come across anybody who has any idea what it takes to be a trader nor do I ever see a truly efficient trading platform, which aims to make trading simpler for the client, its all part of the plan they have to siphon off your money. I never see brokers promoting longer term strategies, you know, the stuff that truly works, they want to hide that from you, they want to hide the stuff that is easy to understand.  

Trading is not about following momentum and trading break outs, it is certainly not about using indicators, and it is not about trading news and economic data intraday, it is something unrelated to any of these, yet your unlikely to ever discover it amongst the hype of the brokers and the market education bandwagon.  

So what's the path to currency traders rehab?  
Let's firstly change your trading mindset altogether and move you into trading higher timeframes, period! Let's take your existing day trading mindset and throw it in the garbage and start from scratch. Lets get you to start following daily timeframe charts, and remove all your indicators and magical systems from the charts.   This article is designed to wake you up and get you to start exploring the other side of this industry, the position traders, the longer term approach in which we aim to capture multi day moves from the volatility of these great markets. The swing traders of this market make the largest profits, so it's time to learn how to get on board these multi day and multi week price moves, we must learn to tail ride the the hedge funds, the interbanks and the multinational companies all whom work together.  

I hope that wets your appetite so far  and has gotten you very excited about what may lie ahead for your trading if you're prepared to change your mindset and jump the fence from day trading to position trading with a simple set of price action strategies, ones which I can help you discover.

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Monday, August 9, 2010

Forex Market Open Times - How to Benefit Off it

Trading the foreign exchange market is now a very common way of earning an income from the comfort of your home office. And one of the keys to being successful is understanding about the forex market open times. If you want to get great results from your forex trading efforts, then understanding the ways that you can maximize your efforts is very important.

Forex trading is the short version for foreign exchange trading. What this means is that you make profits from selling one foreign currency or buying others. You normally trade in the top eight currencies in the world, which includes the British pound, US dollar, Japanese Yen, Canadian, Australian & New Zealand dollars, the Euro, and the Swiss franc.

The market that you work within is open 24 hours a day as the world markets are all open at differing times. This means that regardless of where you live, you can participate and earn profits on your trades. The market is open from Sunday night in Australia to Friday night in New York and it closes over the weekend.

Forex market open times are generally from eight in the morning until four in the afternoon in each particular country. While it is possible to trade at any time in 24 hours, the best times to trade are usually when there is the highest concentration of trading happening, as this is when you see the biggest gains.

The highest concentration of trades generally occurs when the biggest markets are open, and that means Tokyo, New York, and London. Therefore it is usually best if you are ready to trade when these markets are open and operational.

To really maximize your profits, it is even better to trade when more than one market is open at a time. There is really dynamic action that happens then. In order to work out when this is occurring, you can use time converters online, which show when markets around the world are open or shut.

Forex trading is really taking off as a way for people to either earn themselves a living income or a bit of extra pocket money. How it will work for you depends on the time that you put into understanding the system and the way that foreign exchange works. To make sure that you get the best results you can, you need to understand how to make the forex market open times work for you.

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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Forex Market Open Times - Take Advantage of Them

If you are just getting into the world of forex trading, then knowing about the forex market open times is an important part of ensuring you get the results that you are looking for. This style of internet based work is now so common because there is a massive capacity for making profits if you understand the way it works and learn as much as you can about the market.

Forex trading is short for foreign exchange trading and it deals with making profits off the trades that you make in pairs of currency. To be successful, you need to keep up to date with the market and be able to identify trends in the market.

The forex market is operational 24 hours a day, for five and a 1/2 days each week. It opens in Australia on Sunday night and it closes in New York on Friday evening. This means that you can make trades at any time in this window time. However, there are some strategies that you need to be aware of.

Forex market open times generally are between 8 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon in the country that the market is based in. This means that you can find markets that are open any time around the world in order to do your trading. Even though you are able to trade at any point in the day, it is best to trade when there is the highest concentration of trades going on.

In general, it is best to make your trades when one of the three largest markets is open for trading. The three biggest markets are London, Tokyo and New York. You want to trade during these times because that this is the period of time in which there is the most movement in exchange rates and therefore the most money to be made.

There is even more action taking place when two markets are operating at the same time. This is when you really want to be sitting up and taking notice of what is going on. There are time converters for forex trading available online, which can help you identify when markets are open and closed.

Getting into forex trading is a potentially very profitable business. The key to being successful is to understand the system and the way that everything works. Understanding how to work together with the forex market open time to maximize your results can help you become profitable more quickly and see impressive results for your work.

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