Friday, June 25, 2010

Recommendations Before Entering the Stock Or Forex Markets

By Mostafa Soleimanzadeh

You had better know that stock market and Forex market have good returns, but risk is also guaranteed. Therefore, keep the following recommendations in mind and then start your investments.

1 - It is not recommended to sell your capital and start trading gold, stocks or Forex symbols. It is not recommended to sell your car, house or company to trade in the Forex market.

2 - If you are not professional, do not take facilities and do not borrow from others to deal and trade in the Forex market.

3 - If you had no experience it is recommended to take a short-term investment class. Nowadays, there are so many classes specifically about the Forex.

4 - When you decide to trade, notice that trading in the Forex market is associated with risk and you may lose your money in the market so think seriously about this point.

5 - Do not think that miracles occur in the Forex trading market. There are some people try to give false information for their own benefit. Thus, get advice from which you trust and do not follow rumors.

6 - For example if you have 10 thousand dollars, you must select several symbols to trade. Thus, your risk is reduced. This distribution helps you reduce your risk.

7 - In daily transactions in the stock market or Forex market, do not involve with all budget. It is a very risky act because you may lose all money. It is recommended to use maximum 50% of your money in daily transactions.

8 - If the market occurred with fluctuated motions do not anything. Experienced traders in these positions don't sell or buy, but try to get more and true information about the market.

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Thursday, June 17, 2010

7 Characteristics of Forex Markets

By Adewale Olofinnika

What is forex? is the electronic medium of which one nation's currency is exchanged for that of another country. Another question, is forex market meant for every Jack and Harry? My answer is capital NO. Forex is a market of choice for those interested in trading as a profession and have the stomach to absorb financial risk or losses. Highlighted below are the characteristics of the market.

1. Liquidity: The market is highly liquid with money on the table round the clock (24/7/365) and your profiting from the market then depends on your scheming ability.

2. Tradable: Although, many currencies inter-play in the market, but there few tradable where the big dog hits their big target. In fact, there are four (4) dominant currency pairs and you need to specialise in one.

3. Equality: There is an equal playing field. That is the profit potentials in the market is equal for all players irrespective of the market situation whether bullish or bearish.

4. Manipulation: This is the only market known to man that is not subject to price manipulation. So, there is no entities that can adjust the market price to their favour.

5. TA: In this market, pure Technical Analysis work best compare to other market analyses or indicators.

6. Investment: You need a less capital or cash to start-up this business in comparison with other investment channels and their return on investment.

7. Leverage: Here, you have opportunity to trade with greater leverage as oppose to other markets. The minimum leverage is 100:1 and you can trade with greater leverage provided you know how to take care of the back sword (adverse effect).

Adewale Olofinnika is a multi-disciplinary professional, internet marketer and expert writer who has made a landmark in various niches on the internet. He is also a major player in some freelancer sites. Of paramount importance in all deals are professionalism, ethics, attention to details, integrity, uprightness etc.

Forex Markets - Know the Fundamentals and Be Automated

Forex trading comes with many complexities and problems as the amount of traders expand all around due to power of modern technology. We all know the majority fail but the fact that most go that way is due to the fact many do not engage in learning the Forex Markets.

We can take this further to say that the amount of work that goes into knowing the fundamentals is just not done by an aspiring trader.

Forex Markets

What ever you do never start trading until you have done all your homework. Of course everyone will be eager to start of trading straight away and make profit from the Forex Markets. However not knowing the environment with the influence the worlds events have means a very short capital period during your trading career.

If your new, best advice you can get apart from having the capital is make sure you do your homework and understand how the markets work. It does not matter if you wish to use a Automated Software, for which I am a big fan. Learning the fundamentals and strategies allows you to have a greater chance of success.

Automated helps

One of the key parts of becoming a successful in Forex is getting the best tools. We have mentioned information which becomes a tool. Automated trading software is the same thing in that the right software gives you more options.

Automated trading allows you to trade more often 24/7 if you like. So, you can go about your life with profits running and losses maintained via your stop loss. No human emotion is taking you out of your trade or into one that you should not go, plus the software will allow you to implement the strategy you have chosen.

However, it is not that simple in the sense you will have to find the right software...believe me this is easier said then done.

Its not just a case of getting an Automated Forex Software, its a case of getting one that will provide a profit...a proven system

And don't forget about the fundamentals...its the cornerstone to successful profitable Forex. Get a free Forex Strategy at

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