Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Get the Best of Forex With These 6 Books

By Timothy Stevens Platinum Quality Author

Many books about currency trading teach the good deals on forex market. However, experienced authors are the best to consult, if you are an amateur forex trader.

The following books on forex trading only cost $100 that can make the most out of your investments in forex:

1. Jack Schwager's Market Wizards

This is collection of the best international forex traders. Market Wizards provides an insider look on how to live with forex options, forex options trading, and forex market. Even the expert forex traders practicing for 20 years still read Market Wizards.

2. Jack Schwager's New Market Wizards

Jack Schwager revisits more of forex market with additional interviews from key persons of currency trading. Similar to his first edition, Jack Schwager wants his readers to gain advantage from interview techniques and best trader experience.

3. Victor Sperandeo's Methods of Wall Street

One of forex options favorites is this book, which tells how currency trading can give millions to an amateur trader along with money management. The author concentrates on his technique called 2B test. This makes the book worth your $100.

4. Max Gunter's Zurich Axioms

Another amazing book to read is Zurich Axioms that expresses modern ideas on currency trading. Max Gunter sticks to investment wisdom but delivers a fresher, newer approach to forex market. The author teaches you how to use online and offline trade.

5. Moynihan and Paul's What I Learned from Losing Millions of Dollars

Unlike other books on foreign exchange, this tells an inspiring story about the success and rags-to-riches life of a forex trader. If you are one emotional person, you will really be crying your heart out with this book. Some parts of this book concentrate on the methods of managing money, while other parts express the common mistakes traders commit.

6. Jack Schwager's Technical Analysis

Jack Schwager amazes us with another book but this time, it is all about technical analysis. Not only does this book cover the basics but also new techniques on technical analysis.

Here are six books you will enjoy and at the same time, will provide knowledge to all aspiring forex traders.

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