Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Doubling Stocks - How Effective is Doubling Stocks?

By Emma Carey

Doubling Stocks is the name of a marking newsletter that aims to profit from Penny Stocks. The writer and mind behind this newsletter is Michael Cohen. We shall now take a look at whether these newsletters, mailed to you through email are actual working tips and suggestions or just scams that won't even pay back the less than $50 subscription fee on the newsletter. The tips and suggestions are actually generated by a trading robot referred to as Marl by its developers, Michael along with his relative and colleague Carl Cohen.

Like many other predicting systems, Marl looks at the ongoing trends as well as the current market situation in order to forecast what is going to happen in the stock market. Marl takes into account every single pattern and price change that all the products are experiencing.

The newsletter is very comprehensive and is easy to understand and follow for even the most novices of investors as it covers each and every single aspect of the buying and selling process that needs to be carried out in order to gain a profit in the stock exchange while sitting at home. The guidance ranges from what products to by and at which price to what products should be sold and what price should you be demanding of them. Doubling Stocks also likes to present the past and present trends of the market with diagrams such as charts and graphs in order to make them more easily understandable for those who are not blessed with a lot of knowledge in this field. These predictions are not only usually accurate but they are made before many other such newsletters and robots make them, thus giving the subscribers of Doubling Stocks a very essential cutting edge in this field. This has helped many people increase their profits by more than eighty percent compared to the profits they were generating before they subscribed for Doubling Stocks.

The two of them, having already designed stock analysis software that generates a certain multi national company a net profit of more than the massive 4 billion dollar a year mark, know how such investment companies tend to have billions and trillions of dollars invested in the stock market, most of them, however, are invested in one or at most a hand full of gigantic multi nationals such as Coca Cola and Microsoft so as to ensure the minimizing of risk involved of the invested company declaring bankruptcy. The two software engineers have therefore applied the same tactics as far as their prediction making software is concerned.

The results generated by these newsletters show that they are not a scam, with many customers giving more than satisfied responses regarding the profits and results generated after following the advice of Marl. Not only has profit margin of more than an average fifty percent been constantly achieved by this but the fact that many beginners have been able to generate a decent profit from it shows that it is not only a very successful forecasting system but it is also user friendly and easy to understand.

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