Friday, June 25, 2010

Recommendations Before Entering the Stock Or Forex Markets

By Mostafa Soleimanzadeh

You had better know that stock market and Forex market have good returns, but risk is also guaranteed. Therefore, keep the following recommendations in mind and then start your investments.

1 - It is not recommended to sell your capital and start trading gold, stocks or Forex symbols. It is not recommended to sell your car, house or company to trade in the Forex market.

2 - If you are not professional, do not take facilities and do not borrow from others to deal and trade in the Forex market.

3 - If you had no experience it is recommended to take a short-term investment class. Nowadays, there are so many classes specifically about the Forex.

4 - When you decide to trade, notice that trading in the Forex market is associated with risk and you may lose your money in the market so think seriously about this point.

5 - Do not think that miracles occur in the Forex trading market. There are some people try to give false information for their own benefit. Thus, get advice from which you trust and do not follow rumors.

6 - For example if you have 10 thousand dollars, you must select several symbols to trade. Thus, your risk is reduced. This distribution helps you reduce your risk.

7 - In daily transactions in the stock market or Forex market, do not involve with all budget. It is a very risky act because you may lose all money. It is recommended to use maximum 50% of your money in daily transactions.

8 - If the market occurred with fluctuated motions do not anything. Experienced traders in these positions don't sell or buy, but try to get more and true information about the market.

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lexorjunnel said...

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